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Endangered species – how we can help

A Christian Science perspective.

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News of endangered species is heartbreaking, whether the situation seems remote (such as polar bears and penguins losing habitat), or closer to home (such as the dwindling number of honeybees, which pollinate one-third of humans' food supply). Yet an experience I had a few years ago showed me how prayer can bring healing to our hearts and to the animals.

At the time, I was editing a regional beekeepers' newsletter and felt overwhelmed by the reports of bee "colony collapse" and the impact it would have on world food production. So when I noticed near the end of the winter that one of my backyard hives had dwindled to a fist-sized, queenless population, I first thought this was just part of the hopeless global picture. How could the tiny remnant adequately warm itself, let alone egg cells do so – if any viable ones remained? On top of this, warmer weather with nectar and pollen that might enable the worker bees to "re-queen" the colony was a month off.

But then I remembered I could pray. Immediately the intuition came that the colony was an expression of God – of infinite Mind and Life – and so had the intelligence and energy to hatch a new queen and continue. This was such a clearly inspired conviction that the hopelessness and worry instantly vanished. When I again opened the hive a few weeks later, I found a laying queen and many eggs. That hive subsequently boomed into a several-story colony that I was able to divide into two.

What had happened?


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