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Condi Rice: Iran is weak, Afghanistan is better, and the tea party is good for America

Condoleezza Rice, the former US Secretary of State, discusses her family, growing up in the segregated South, racism and sexism, the Iraq war, Iran, the war in Afghanistan, the world after 9/11, China's power, the tea party, and the state of things in Washington.

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Condoleezza Rice, the former US Secretary of State, has just published a memoir, “Extraordinary, Ordinary People,” about growing up in the segregated South. She was interviewed by Olivia Ward of the Toronto Star this week, and this interview was made available to the Global Viewpoint Network.

Olivia Ward: Your career has been a runaway success. What role did your family play?

Condoleezza Rice: When people ask me this question I say you have to know John and Angelena Rice. My parents were in many ways ordinary people – mom a schoolteacher, dad a high school guidance counselor, Presbyterian minister, and later university administrator. I doubt they ever made $60,000 between them. But somehow in these crucible years of Birmingham, Alabama, during segregation, they and my community had us all believing we might not have a hamburger at the Woolworth lunch counter, but we could be president of the United States if we wanted to be.

Race wound won't ever completely close in US


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