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Who are the biggest losers and winners coming out of the Arab Spring?

The biggest loser, hands down, is Israel, followed closely by the United States. Iran is third. But there are also clear winners – and winning opportunities still for the US and Israel, if they adjust.

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Who are the winners and losers in the dramatic and evolving turmoil in the Middle East? For the citizens of the Arab world, the way ahead may yet be rough and unpredictable, but events represent a major net gain in breaking away from the frozen, sterile, and crushing old orders.

But with the breakup of the old Middle East system on the international level, who wins and who loses?

The biggest single loser, hands down, is Israel. Many of the old dictators propped up by US money and political support to keep the lid on the region are now falling, with more to go over time – most likely in Bahrain, Jordan, and even Saudi Arabia. Israel can no longer count on a free ride in pursuing its policies to preserve occupation indefinitely.


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