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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about animal treatment and food safety, China's ecological threat, elections in Pakistan, superdelegates, Wikileaks, and Blu-ray.

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Animal cruelty is noticed only when humans are affected

In response to the Feb. 20 article, "On more US menus: reduce animal cruelty": While I am glad that the government and some corporations are improving standards against animal abuse, it is sad that this had to come about primarily because some of this abuse affects humans.

I am very happy that Safeway and other chains are concerned about the size of chicken cages and pig gestation stalls, but what about the abuse of people who produce all of our cheap goods?

Is it only toys with lead that concern us? As long as there is no negative effect on us, we don't seem to notice.

Economy can't grow exponentially

Regarding your Feb. 22 editorial, "China's carbon dragon": While I do not doubt that China's environmental policy plays a critical role in the future of the world, the misleading scenario of China's growth continuing at the same rate for decades is clearly impossible. It is no more possible for China than it was for Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, or the United States.

Sooner or later, the growth plateaus. In fact, the growth of China's economy is already slowing down, with skyrocketing inflation. The cost of doing business in China is shooting up, with its once seemingly limitless supply of labor running short.

True democracy is secular


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