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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about Olympic boycotts, borrower bailouts, and curriculum overload.

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Boycott of Beijing Olympics: Will the threat work?

In response to John Cooley's April 9 Opinion piece, "Olympic boycotts – a bad idea": When will the very well-meaning human rights protesters and politicians from all over the Western world realize that for hundreds of years foreigners have been trying unsuccessfully to tell the Chinese how to run their country? No one responds well to scolding, threats, or violence.

Respectful, friendly disagreement with some foreign or internal policies are appropriate, but actions intended to embarrass and belittle the Chinese are off the mark and are probably counterproductive. A politics-free Olympics is in everyone's best interest.

The leaders and people of the People's Republic of China have enough morals and good judgment to work through the cultural, economic, and political transition that is occurring in their country without constant hectoring from other parts of the world.

Cut them some slack, show some respect, and watch positive change come for Tibet and elsewhere.

In response to John Cooley's recent Opinion piece on why Olympic boycotts are a bad idea: The piece makes a strong case as to why past boycotts have failed. While good people can disagree as to the strategic value of such an effort, what is clear is that the people of Darfur need action now – they cannot wait until the summer. There is no excuse for delaying United States action on Darfur until the Beijing Olympics in August.

Americans who care about the plight of innocent Darfuris must urge George W. Bush to immediately use the diplomatic might of the US to help end the killing.

Without question, China holds the key to a change in Sudanese policy.


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