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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about the pro-Israel lobby and military humanitarian efforts.

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Does the pro-Israel lobby have too much influence?

In response to David Francis's May 12 commentary, "Why the presidential candidates won't talk about Israel": It is hardly surprising that the analysts quoted by Mr. Francis concluded that the US presidential candidates are being pressured to be silent on Israel-related issues, given the fact that those analysts are uniformly harsh critics of Israeli policy and are vocal about a "Jewish lobby" that they assert stifles free debate about US-Middle East policy.

The examination of this complex question is limited to Shirl McArthur, an "expert" contributor to The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, a publication of an anti-Israel group that has been a longtime promoter of the myth that the so-called "Israel/Jewish lobby" has too much power.

The article also relies on the views of former Congressman Paul Findley, cofounder of another virulently anti-Israel organization, and on the discredited notions of one of the most recent proponents of disproportionate Jewish control of US foreign policy, Professor Stephen Walt, who has traversed the country with his colleague, Prof. John Mearsheimer, trumpeting these distorted views.

Opinion polls show that the American public is consistent and strong in its support of Israel over the past decades, as is US bipartisan support for Israel as an ally and a democratic country that shares our values.

Unfortunately, the author chose to ignore these facts in his one-sided commentary.



Regarding David Francis's recent commentary on why candidates will not mention Israel: Actually, no one in the media mentions the groundswell of resentment against the Israeli power faction in the United States and the burden it has put upon us – from draining the country by fighting Israel's wars in the Muslim world to undercutting the very moral foundation of this nation with hateful propaganda from the US government as it institutes torture and constant fear.


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