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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about the bailout of the Big Three, relations between the US and Nicaragua, how France can learn a lesson from Obama's election, and why the Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated.

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Bankruptcy is the only path to change for Big Three

Regarding the Dec. editorial, "Why a Big Three rescue is so hard": Contrary to what Detroit tells the public, the Big Three's problems weren't caused by our recent economic nosedive. The troubles blighting the American automaking industry are related to the ineptitude of its executives. For decades, the Big Three have been rife with unscrupulous opportunists who have let Detroit lose its standing as a leading car manufacturer. It's absurd that many in Congress want to reward failure. Japanese automakers have proved it is possible to manufacture in the United States, negating the Big Three's core justification for the bailout.

The House should let the Big Three declare Chapter 11 if they can't sustain themselves. In the past, big business has been able to recoup itself following bankruptcy with reorganization, better products, and efficient management. Only when those steps are taken will Detroit be able to compete again.

US must not interfere in Nicaragua

Regarding the Dec. 5 article, "Nicaragua's Ortega defiant after US, Europe yank aid": The rich nations are once again scolding Nicaragua for trying to provide, in a meager way, for its poorest citizens.


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