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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about how Hamas is treated in Western media, holding politicians responsible for their actions, why the US should take the lead in helping Zimbabwe, and how Russia's actions have provoked Ukraine.

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Why do Western media let Hamas off so easy?

In regard to the Jan. 16 article, "Amid broad Israeli support for Gaza war, a rare dissenting voice": Author Joshua Mitnick includes a curious quote from Sari Bashi: "Our goal is to get Israelis to stop targeting Palestinian civilians in Gaza under the guise of targeting Hamas. But it's very, very slow progress."

It occurs to me that progress could be accelerated if Hamas were persuaded to abandon its strategy of purposely positioning their command posts, ammo dumps, and rocket sites in and around schools, hospitals, and civilian neighborhoods. They have habitually done this for the express purpose of maximizing civilian casualties, which they can then use to arouse the West's and the UN's indignation and sympathy. Why this cynical and outrageous exploitation of their own people is disregarded by the Western press is hard to comprehend.

Bush should have been impeached

Regarding the Jan. 12 article, "No clear rules for Illinois Senate's first impeachment": Congratulations to the Illinois State Representatives for impeaching Gov. Rod Blagojevich. They lived up to their constitutional responsibility.


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