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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about the challenge North Korea poses for China and the US, what Congress can learn from Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, and an accused Nazi guard.

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China and the US have a shared interest in curbing North Korea

Regarding the April 5 editorial, "North Korea's challenge for Obama": This is one of the most insightful Monitor editorials in recent memory.

The task of diplomacy always must include demonstrating to the regional neighbors of a troublesome nation that shared mutual interests will guide finding solutions.

The United States shares China's interest in containing North Korea's pursuit of deliverable nuclear weapons. China shares the larger world's interest in having the North Korean people get relief from starvation by diverting the investment in rockets and other weapons materials.

Perhaps the expenditure for saber rattling is considered by Pyongyang to be a modest investment to leverage agricultural aid and other nation-building assistance from concerned nations outside the former Soviet axis.

If they are brought to the table to negotiate away any further offensive moves, then we have to be clear on what we are prepared to give in return.

Gates's budget decision signals change in Washington

In regard to the April 6 article, "Gates axes some costly weapons, emphasizes 'irregular' warfare": This plan is change we can believe in; a well-respected Republican working within a Democratic administration to spend defense dollars on projects that get the job done at minimum cost in American lives and dollars.


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