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Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of September 27, 2010

Readers write in about Middle East peace talks, the US economy, and the Bush tax cuts.

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Peace talks need cooperation

Regarding the Sept. 20 opinion piece "Don't be cynical about the Middle East peace talks": P. Edward Haley makes a compelling argument. Since the 1993 handshake between Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin, the hopes of reaching a separate deal have resembled a roller-coaster ride. The step-by-step approach does not work. Every time there is a setback, blame is placed on parties that are purposely left out – presently Hamas, anti-Fatah parties, and Syria. The United States should have pursued policies that would make Hamas and Syria real stakeholders in the peace process. Their cooperation would improve the likelihood of success.


The mood on Main St.

The Sept. 13 cover story, "The mood on Main St.," and your editorial "Tough economy toughens US" complement each other well. The fact that a false (consuming) economy – construction, lending, real estate, etc. – created a bubble huge enough to suck so many into its excesses is underscored by the editors' statement that "consumers can't be counted on to lead the way to a strong recovery." That's how we got where we are. Our nation must retool, in both the physical and the mental sense, to become producers of goods for export. We have the know-how; let's back it up with the will.


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