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Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of November 15, 2010

Readers write in about issues of food safety, Britain's budget cuts, and help for Pakistan's landless poor.

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Food safety – the real issues

The Oct. 25 cover story on food safety ("How safe is our global menu?") featured fresh fruits and vegetables – not an accurate depiction of the American diet. In fact, The Centers for Disease Control recently released a study showing few of us eat enough fruits and vegetables, and I am left wondering whether this is the real danger in our diets.


The safest food is grown locally. But small farmers need our support. Instead, agribusinesses are buying up huge plots of arable land around the world, further harming food quality and small farmers. If the government didn't subsidize agribusiness, those crops wouldn't pay.



"How safe is our global menu?" makes a destructive assumption – that the growth in international food distribution is unavoidable, even acceptable. Our current food supply is unsustainable and inhumane. It forces artificially low prices, pollutes the environment, and is largely oil dependent. The government bureaucracy and the megafarming industry that aim to regulate this, merely amplify the problem.

On Britain's budget cuts

The Nov. 1 editorial "Doing as the British do" praises their defense-budget cuts. What won't be dropped, however, are new aircraft carriers, under construction in Scotland at a cost of £5 billion [more than $8 billion]. Yet orders for Harrier jets that use such carriers have been canceled. So Britain will have new aircraft carriers, but no jets to fly from them.


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