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Letters to the Editor - Weekly Issue of November 8, 2010

Readers write in about the US Navy and partisan politics; deficit reduction and entitlements; government and the economy; and the middle class's deferred dreams.

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Partisan politics and Navy

Jim Bencivenga's Nov. 1 commentary ("Will US naval power sink?") makes some forceful historical and geopolitical points. But he undermines their credibility by turning them into an implicit appeal for Republican votes.

If we need to reduce the deficit to maintain our naval power, electing Republicans is a non sequitur. Most of the deficit stems from their policies (those they implement, not those they claim to support). That's a bad bet for restoring federal solvency.

We need to base our naval power on something more secure than partisan politics.


Focus on economy first

When I read "America's Job No. 1: How to create jobs" (Oct. 18), I encountered the same feeling that America is pursuing ideas that may not yield results down the road.

There are multiple issues – from immigration to foreign affairs – that need our attention. Yet until we get our economy moving, all of these other issues appear only marginally relevant.

This is the issue I have with all of the massive government bills being passed. We are changing so many rules so quickly that no one understands the consequences. Hence no economic activity.



American dreams deferred


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