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Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of May 2, 2011

Readers write in about changing the dominant two-party political system in the US, concerns over nuclear power, and the relationship between obesity and the American food stamp programs.

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Change the two-party system

In David E. Skaggs's April 4 commentary, "Cooperation in Congress? It's in our constitutional DNA," he observes: "This constitutional scheme itself tends to drive policy to the center."

However, as an independent voter, I have also seen how the present party system could lead to stalemate before the center is reached.

Many candidates are often centrist. But in order to get elected, they sell their souls to a party. Once elected, they are leaned on by party officials to take extreme party positions. These extreme positions do not induce compromise but lead to stalemate.

The present party system needs modification. Just changing the party in power will not, in itself, fix the system.

Concern about nuclear power

Regarding the April 11 editorial "Keep nuclear power in the mix," I have additional concerns about nuclear power. The editorial mentions the associated risks of terrorist attacks, the possible spread of nuclear materials that can be made into bombs and weapons, and the lack of a permanent solution for the disposal of nuclear waste.

Let's also remember the necessity of mining uranium, which causes pollution as well as health hazards. In addition, nuclear power plants release toxic radiation as they operate, and truly there is no safe level of radiation.


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