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Readers Write: EPA may not be killing jobs, but it's letting honeybees die

Letters to the Editor for the weekly issue of December 26, 2011: One reader says that the EPA may or may not be a jobs killer, but its failure to crack down on pesticide use is killing the vital honeybee population. Another affirms the upsides to unemployment and a circuitous career path.

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Jobs and honeybee killers

The article "Is the EPA really a 'jobs killer'?" in the Nov. 28 issue examined charges that the Environmental Protection Agency during the Obama administration has been a "jobs killer."

Would that the EPA sometimes were more "heavy-handed" – especially if we can agree, without gridlock, that honeybees play a preemptive role in food production.

Adult worker bees so often these days simply vanish while the queen and immature bees and honey remain in the hive. The result is the destruction of the entire hive.

In thousands of instances, scientists in Germany and France finally linked this "colony collapse disorder" to the pesticide clothianidin. And in the United States, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) filed a Freedom of Information Act request that the EPA release studies that the manufacturer made regarding the effects of that pesticide on bees.


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