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Obama can instill civic responsibility – through a mandatory Youth Corps

The times call for a regeneration, not just a feel-good tweak.

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Even though it's been less than a week since Barak Obama's inauguration speech, much has already been said, broadcast, and written about the new president's call for service and for his focus on " a new era of responsibility." With that in mind, perhaps there's a responsibility seed that could be sown in President Obama's 100-day honeymoon period.

Here's what such a seed might resemble: Every young American citizen, once he or she graduated from high school, would have the responsibility to complete two years of public service. National need would define the nature of such service, but at any given time the variety of jobs likely would be in education, infrastructure repair and maintenance, construction, healthcare, the military, and the arts, for example. Participants, most age 18 to 20, would be provided with room and board and given minimum wage during this two-year period.

In exchange, after a young person had completed this two-year commitment, the United States government would bear the responsibility for paying for that person's two-year junior college education or the first two years of his or her four-year college tuition.

Just as John F. Kennedy's Peace Corps found inspiration in the ideas of Sen. Hubert Humphrey, Sen. Fritz Hollings, Congressman Henry Reuss, Sen. William Fullbright, and the Mormons, among others, this "youth corps" idea also borrows from the Peace Corps. Such a "youth corps" also plucks some of the best and brightest gems from Franklin D. Roosevelt's Civil Conservation Corps, America's military draft, and the GI bill. That's because the idea of service is not novel to the American experience. Rather, each new generation asks itself how its citizens might best serve their country.


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