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Letters to the editor

Readers write in about global warming, the Federal Reserve, e-books, Greg Mortenson, and the US Postal Service.

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War’s impact on CO2

Gregory’s M. Lamb’s article, “A cooling on global warming?” (Dec. 6), provided much food for thought. I often wonder if there is any way of assessing the effect of war on the temperature of the atmosphere. Every bullet shot, every gun fired, every bomb exploded, and every rocket launched must contribute to global warming, and it has been going on for centuries. Can this be assessed? Could it be one more reason to avoid war? 

Neville A. Merry

Tewantin, Australia

Who’s on watch?

David Francis’s column, “Does the Federal Reserve need an audit?” (Dec. 20), invites the rather obvious answer of yes. Of course no individual or institution relishes the idea of close procedural examinations. However, auditing such an institution should not be political. Instead it must be performed by expert accountants well versed in the banking and economic disciplines. 

These experts must also report to an apolitical committee and they must report to Congress without prejudice. Anything else only invites a political circus. As the classic graphic novel “Watchmen,” put it:“ Who’s watching the watchmen?”

Richard C. Geschke
Bristol, Conn. 

E-book dangers

After reading every word in the Dec. 20 issue, I agree with those who compare these first years of the e-book to the time of the first printing presses. These events change the world. But the changes also feel monumental for reasons that have nothing to do with reading. Case in point: The young man interviewed for “The e-generation speaks” says it won’t be dangerous to read his e-book while walking down the street because you can buy a case to protect it in case you drop it. 

My husband and I, writers and readers of retirement age, laughed pretty hard at that answer. Our answer would be yes, it is dangerous to read while walking down the street because you could injure yourself tripping on a manhole cover, run into someone and knock them down, or be run over by an inattentive driver at an intersection.

Cottonwood, Minn.


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