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Serious about reducing abortion? Make women see an ultrasound of the procedure.

A law that requires women seeking an abortion to watch an ultrasound video of the procedure would save lives and enhance 'choice.' 

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After watching an ultrasound of an abortion last year, Abby Johnson resigned from her position as director of Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas, and joined a pro-life group. 

Ms. Johnson’s story shows the potential for using technology to dramatically lower the number of abortions by changing people’s hearts and minds. Imagine how many lives could be saved by passing a law that requires abortion providers to show mothers considering an abortion an ultrasound video of the procedure before they are allowed to perform the abortion.

A video would ensure that women have full knowledge of the procedure they are about to undergo. By providing women with more information on which to base a decision, the use of technology would enhance their “right to choose.”

Currently, many women who consider abortion are not fully aware of what it actually entails. Sometimes they are even under the impression that abortion merely destroys a growth of tissue – like removing a wart. How much choice does a woman have if she is not aware of all the facts? 

Upon seeing what happens during an abortion, many women might choose to have their baby rather than go through with the abortion. Like Ms. Johnson, they would see with their own eyes that abortion destroys human life, not merely a growth of tissue. “I could see the baby move away from the probe,” said Johnson. If an ultrasound of an abortion procedure had such a profound effect on a Planned Parenthood director, imagine the influence it would have on women who feel abortion might be the best way to deal with their unwanted pregnancy. 

Some might object to a law that could produce such a strong influence, but abortion providers and organizations like Planned Parenthood, who profit from performing abortions, exert their own influence right now in the opposite direction. In other words, the abortion decision in its current state is not a pure one – it is tainted with various motives. Is it not better to influence women to refrain from having an abortion than to persuade them to have one? 


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