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Joe Kennedy: Why I'm running for Senate

Joe Kennedy, the independent candidate in the special Massachusetts election for US Senate Jan. 19, makes his case.

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I’m running for US Senate because I am tired of politicians in Washington turning their back on the American public. We have a crisis in this country and it is not healthcare, it is our failing economy. Our citizens are out of work, and small businesses are going under while taxpayer dollars are being siphoned out of the working families of our nation and being spent on big business bailouts; unwinnable, unconstitutional wars; and ill-formed, out-of-control entitlement programs.

I am fed up with government taking money and freedoms, giving us nothing in return. Every day when you go to work to feed your family, Congress goes to work to take more from you. They work as hard to take your money as you worked earning it. That type of behavior from our representatives can not continue. I will not let that continue.

We, as a nation, invade and occupy foreign lands to protect “our interests.” In truth, it is because of oil. Our interests should be the safety of the men and women who have completed their mission and want to come home. I read e-mails daily from disabled veterans thanking me for wanting to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan because they know we cannot win. I understand foreign policy. I have managed corporate teams and negotiated business deals in Germany, England, China, India, and America, and I know we cannot win these wars. I will file legislation to bring our troops home, secure our homeland against threats, and save hundreds of billions of dollars. I must, because no one else seems willing to do it.


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