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What should Obama do with Libya's Qaddafi? Tell him to go to Belarus.

The Obama administration should encourage its allies to influence Qaddafi to flee to Belarus. Its brutal Lukashenko regime is Qaddafi's closest military and political ally. Qaddafi's departure to Belarus would be the best and fastest way to stop the bloodshed that he is unleashing in Libya.

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As Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi faces a stark choice of continuing to massacre his own people or escape the country, the Obama administration can defy conventional wisdom that says Washington has limited ability to influence events in Libya. Though the White House has just announced sanctions against Libya, it can still exert more sway over Mr. Qaddafi. It can do this by quietly encouraging its European, Russian, and Middle Eastern allies to exert influence on Qaddafi to flee to his closest military and political ally: the European dictatorship of Belarus.

While at first glance a European country may seem an unlikely place for Qaddafi to flee to, the reality is that Belarus is the most logical place for him to take refuge in and why the Obama administration should encourage this option before hundreds more innocent protesters die in Libya.

Belarus is the last dictatorship in Europe and is controlled by an erratic despot who is Qaddafi’s closest ally. It is also a country that in the past has reportedly provided covert military support to Libya in violation of United Nations arms sanctions and continues to be Libya’s weapons supplier of choice. It is fair to say that many of the Libyan warplanes and weaponry that are being used today to fire on innocent demonstrators have been supplied by Belarus.


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