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Words for Congress to live by: Stop fighting, start fixing

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On Jan. 14, both of us will join a daylong event in New York City to discuss with members of Congress and more than a thousand citizens, thought leaders, and elected officials how we can move forward on problem solving in Washington. The event is being organized by No Labels, a national grassroots movement of Republicans, Democrats, and everyone in-between.

In New York, No Labels will present a new group of 25 “problem-solver” members of Congress who will commit to regular meetings so we can build trust across the aisle and try to do something about this country’s challenges. Our motto is: “Stop fighting, start fixing.”

There will always be ideological differences among members of Congress on the big issues of the day. Such debate is a natural, beneficial offshoot of a vibrant representative democracy. But we should not allow ideological disagreements to derail us from making practical progress for America.

Although we are of different parties, we are finding areas of agreement because we are actively seeking them out. Instead of focusing on the issues where we disagree, we are looking for where we can find consensus. Working together to solve problems does not mean abandoning our principles. It simply means trying to appreciate and understand other points of view and find common ground for the good of the nation. 

We know each other from our work on the House Committee on Agriculture, and we find there is a lot we actually agree on. On dairy and agricultural issues, we see common ground where we can make progress for rural America.

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