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Words for Congress to live by: Stop fighting, start fixing


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On energy policy, we’re looking beyond party labels and working to promote energy efficiency. No matter your view on energy policy, we can all agree that using less energy is a good place to start. And we both believe that a strong and prosperous 21st century economy requires a robust infrastructure. There isn’t a Democrat or Republican way to build a bridge or fix a pothole.

Our desire for a new approach in Washington goes beyond seeking areas of shared policy goals. It also means embracing a new tone and adopting a new willingness to sit down with political and ideological opponents. As a Republican congressman who has braved multiple MSNBC appearances and a Democratic congressman who regularly appears on Fox News, we know firsthand that members of Congress can venture into the lions’ den and emerge unscathed.

We are optimistic because there is a growing number of legislators from both sides of the aisle who are hearing the same thing back home. We encourage our colleagues and our constituents to learn more about our new group and its problem-solving focus by visiting the site:

Neither of us will dilute our beliefs nor sacrifice our principles. We simply recognize that partisan labels should not prevent us from sitting down and solving problems – together.

Rep. Reid Ribble is a Republican representing Wisconsin’s 8th congressional district. Rep. Peter Welch is a Democrat representing Vermont’s at-large congressional district.


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