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Fracking in Pennsylvania: What goes on behind the scenes?

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Alex Brandon/AP/File

(Read caption) A drilling rig is seen in Springville, Pa., in this file photo. One blogger shares his experience peeking behind the scenes at a fracking site in Pennsylvania.

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Touring a “Fracking” Site in Pennsylvania

It’s easy to talk about the shale gas revolution in the abstract and forget that it is the cumulative result of thousands of operations in locations across the country. It combines the technological marvel of precisely planned and executed drilling more than a mile below ground with the efforts of teams of skilled workers on the surface, and affects the surrounding community in many ways. Last month I had my first opportunity to visit one of these sites, near Williamsport in north-central Pennsylvania. I also saw several nearby sites in different stages of development. Although I was consistently impressed, I also tried to observe with the concerns of shale gas critics in mind.


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