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42 facts about Douglas Adams (+video)

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5. In 1994, Adams joined a trek organized by the conservation group Save the Rhino from the coast of Mombassa, Kenya, to the Summit of Kilomonjaro. The trekkers took turns wearing a huge rhinoceros costume.

6. In the US edition of "Life, the Universe, and Everything," the F-word was censored. It was replaced with the word "Belgium." The text in the US edition goes on to note that while on Earth, the word refers to a small, flat country in Europe, while everywhere else it is regarded as the most offensive word in the universe.

7. His middle name was Noel. A keen science buff, Adams took delight in his initials being "DNA." The year after he was born, in 1953 in Cambridge, England, researchers at the University of Cambridge discovered the structure of the DNA molecule.

8. Adams once wrote that his absolute favorite piece of information is "the fact that young sloths are so inept that they frequently grab their own arms and legs instead of tree limbs, and fall out of trees."

9. He wrote that he preferred it to be written as "Hitchhiker's," with an apostrophe but no spaces or hyphens. His orthography was widely ignored by publishers, who often used different treatments for the title in the same edition.

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