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Horizon highlights – July 11 weekend

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Our regular roundup of noteworthy sci-tech stories from the web covers: personal submersibles, a driver's-seat view of 180 miles per hour, and a science test that every presidential candidate should take.

If you think I missed a great story, feel free to post your links as a comment down below. Let’s kick it off:

Election '0814 Science Questions the Next President Should Answer
"What exactly do John McCain and Barack Obama know about science? That's what the folks behind Science Debate 2008 want to know, and to find out, they've developed 14 questions they sent to the candidates and hope to discuss with them at a science-only debate. The questions cover innovation, climate change, energy, genetics, space, and health, among other topics." [Via Wired Science]

LuxuryPersonal submarine prepares for launch
"The 60-year-old British-born engineer has spent the past four decades tinkering with submersibles, all mere prelude to his current magnum opus: the two-person Deep Flight Super Falcon. Erase those creaky Jules Verne images. Super Falcon weds Top Gun with James Bond." [Via USA Today]
From the Monitor archive – Return of the cloud colossi: "My favorite pie-in-the-sky innovation of the week: a dirigible revival…. The basic blimp design has not changed – lemon-shaped with a light helium center. But these new models benefit from modern materials and the decades of aeronautical research that have come since the Hindenburg went down in flames and brought the zeppelin industry with it."


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