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RadioShack hires the wrong branding consultant

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"Outhouse," apparently, was taken. And so was "shanty."

So the folks at RadioShack decided on something a little simpler. According to a handful of news outlets, including the Associated Press, the electronics retailer RadioShack today announced it was changing its official nickname to The Shack. In an interview, Lee Applbaum, the chief marketing officer at RadioShack, said customers, associates, and investors have always referred to the chain by that name.

The company, Applbaum said, has "decided to embrace that fact and share it with the world." Well, OK. The logic sort of makes sense. The company is institutionalizing a piece of much-used slang. (Does this mean Dunkin' Donuts will start going by Dunks?) But seriously – The Shack? Let us refer you now to the dictionary, which lists the following definitions for the word:

Noun: a rough cabin; shanty.
Verb phrase: shack up, Slang.

a. to live together as husband and wife without being legally married.
b. to have illicit sexual relations.
c. to live in a shack: He's shacked up in the mountains.

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