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iPhone? Android? BlackBerry? Get smart about new cellphones.

Looking to upgrade? Consider the pros and cons behind these iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry models.

While millions of fans go bonkers for the iPhone, such as these two in Tokyo, that doesn't mean Apple's marquee model is right for you. Consider these four phones before heading to the store.


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Cellphones act more like computers every year. Current "smart phones" now competently browse the Web, provide driving directions, and take HD video.

In our cellphone world of two-year contracts and inconsistent nationwide call quality, it often makes the most sense to stick with a carrier that you're happy with and then decide on a new phone – not the other way around.

So if you're ready for a phone that does a lot more than make calls, here's one model from each major carrier that deserves a spot on your shortlist.

Sprint: The EVO 4G checks off just about every smart-phone feature imaginable. Its two video cameras, one on each side, tuck neatly around a massive 4.3-inch touch screen. (Callers with small hands need not apply.) The EVO is also the only US cellphone to boast superspeedy 4G mobile Internet access, a luxury only available in some cities.

AT&T: Many rivals now match the iPhone feature for feature, at least on paper. But Apple's true achievement lies in how every aspect of its phone harmonizes. The interface is simple. Adding new functions comes easily. The on-screen keyboard takes some getting used to, but the rest simply clicks.


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