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Could you survive a dinosaur theme park visit gone awry? Take our quiz!

One minute you’re cruising through a dinosaur theme park in your Land Rover, enjoying swelling music as herbivore dinosaurs raise their long, mighty necks, and the next you’re dodging a T. rex that has chosen you – insignificantly fleshy thing – as its second breakfast.

Do you have the dinosaur smarts to make it out of this park alive?

...what if all the electrical systems failed?
Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment
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Question 1 of 23

1. You hop into a jeep and begin cruising through the park's Jurassic zone. Welcome to the park! Enjoy the swelling music! But wait, if something terrible were to happen here – say, all the electrical systems failed and the dinosaurs went loose in the park – what dinosaur of the below choices should you be most worried about in the Jurassic zone?

Tyrannosaurus rex