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Koozoo: A Web 2.0 version of Big Brother goes mobile

Koozoo allows you to post or sift through videos of your environment. But don't worry – the Koozoo CEO says it's all perfectly secure. 

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Say hello to Big Brother, Web 2.0 edition.

Beginning this week, a small San Francisco company called Koozoo – tag line: "share your view" – has launched the beginnings of a user-generated, 24/7 streaming video network in the Bay Area and Austin, Texas. The network will be comprised wholly of snippets of video and longer live-streams submitted via an Android or iOS app. The goal, Koozoo says, is for folks to broadcast "views of places and events in [their] community and around the world."

You don't have to actually post videos to use Koozoo. By clicking around the map in the Koozoo app, you can choose to simply watch – click on the icon at the local park, for instance, and you might see a video of some folks playing soccer, which is being live-streamed by a passing pedestrian. Or navigate over to the icon outside the local coffee shop, and take a gander at the crowd. Yeah, sure, it's a little weird. 

But over at All Things D, Liz Gannes is optimistic that Koozoo could take off. 


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