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Patience in an era of 'buy, buy, buy!'

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What's the latest-greatest-fastest-biggest? Who cares?

That's the message of Last Year's Model. Just as more megapixels don't necessarily mean better pictures, the site aims to remind that the latest tech gear isn't necessarily the wisest choice.

What's the rationale?

Cutting-edge tech is buggy

Want to be sure to catch that devastating software glitch that erases your data at just the wrong time? Grab the newest model. Giving a company a few months to work out the kinks is good idea if you want to avoid hassles. Software updates are like an oasis in the desert for early adopters, but why even go to the desert? It's hot.

New releases are expensive

Just like at the video store (Remember those? Think of a small Netflix catalog in a building with a funny smell) the latest gear is more expensive than the "seasoned" stuff. Who would rent "Not Another Teen Horror Movie" for six bucks a night when "Animal House" is in the bargain bin? Early adopters, that's who.

It's bad for the environment


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