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Modern Warfare 3 review roundup

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"The plot serves as a showcase for the spectacular setpieces, the excellent weapon balance, but also the futility of war," writes Ashton Raze of the Telegraph. "There are brief moments of reflection, the sense of loss and rage and futility conveyed surprisingly well for a game which is all about shooting people in the face. It doesn't hide the fact that in this context, it's making wargames fun, but never tries to glorify this either. The goal here seems not to shock but to impress, but the game isn't afraid to take the occasional time out to remind you that yes, war isn't very nice. It's comfortably the best Call of Duty campaign yet, with consistent high points and none of the lows that have occasionally punctuated past games."

The story, part three

"Still, Modern Warfare 3's campaign suffers from a run of the mill story and the patented Call of Duty monster closet syndrome, a common shooter ailment that occurs when infinitely spawning enemies pour from around corners, doors and stairs without end... The story is difficult to follow as usual," notes Anthony Gallegos of IGN, "and while it does wrap up the arc begun by the previous Modern Warfare games, it isn't ultimately all that interesting or satisfying. Moments of emotional weight fell flat as I found it difficult to muster up feelings of sadness about the death of one named soldier after witnessing the countless deaths of hundreds of other Americans."

The graphics

"Activision continues to wring richly detailed settings from a mostly unambitious engine, which again sets it apart from the hugely ambitious spectacle of Battlefield 3's graphics," writes the team at GamePro. "Your console version will not be compromised, your PC will not be overly taxed, and yet everything will break, collapse, or blow up at exactly the right designated moment. Not-very-bright men will be shot by the hundreds along the way. It will all be very war-like and just cinematic enough."

The graphics, part two

"Modern Warfare 3 comes to us by way of an older engine, but still looks great," notes Mr. Gallegos. "Sure, it's not among the very best out there nowadays, but it performs well. At any given time the screen appears ready to burst with effects and visual madness. Entire battles are waged before you; buildings burn and crumble while a steady flow of explosions batter your senses. This is Call of Duty, and Modern Warfare 3 collects these moments of boom in abundance, presenting them in all their 60 frames-per-second glory."

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