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Terror – 'it shall not come near you'

A Christian Science perspective.

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I live part of the year in Spain, so the news of a terrorist bombing in the city of Burgos last week, and then immediately after in Majorca, brought the demand for ongoing prayer about terrorism right to my front door. For me, this prayer is unflinching and consecrated, made to the same God who spoke to the Bible prophet Isaiah, saying, "In righteousness you shall be established: you shall be far from oppression, for you shall not fear; and from terror, for it shall not come near you" (Isa. 54:14, New Revised Standard Version). This one God is with us every moment.

Terrorism systematically aims to cause extreme fear or terror through coercion, intimidation, and threat. It uses violence to force peoples and governments to give in to the terrorists' demands. Those who carry out acts of destruction may want to show others that, despite efforts to control terrorism or to maintain order, they are still able to attack and kill.

Despite this threat, each of us has a spiritual basis for life, and on this foundation we can feel safe. The basis for our safety is that each of us is the beloved child of God. Knowing this, we can more readily feel Isaiah's promise of liberty and prove that oppressive fear "shall not come near you." We can exercise the freedom and dominion to pray to an all-powerful God as the only force of good in the world. This settles thought with a peace that only God gives – a peace that can't be terrorized even in the midst of unbearable fear, because it brings the conviction of safety, direction, and power.

As the continuous dropping of water on rock changes the rock, each continued prayer to understand more clearly that God is the only power and law will not only serve to protect one from harm. It will also destroy step by step the mistaken conceptions about God and creation that result in evil intention and terror of any kind. Then there will be more evidence of harmony and unity, and a greater desire for peace and stability.


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