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'Olympus Has Fallen' and 'White House Down': Two action movies put the White House in peril

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(Read caption) The action movies 'Olympus Has Fallen' and 'White House Down' will both center on the White House being taken over, putting the president in danger.

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Two similar movies that have the misfortune to be coming out within several months of one another are nothing new in Hollywood.

One of the most famous instances occurred in the summer of 1996 when two dueling disaster movies, “Armageddon” and “Deep Impact,” arrived on the movie scene within two months of one another. “Impact,” which was released on May 8, saw Earth under attack from a giant comet, while “Armageddon,” coming out on July 1, found the planet threatened by an asteroid. “Armageddon” grossed $201 million domestically, coming in ahead of “Impact”'s $140 million, and “Armageddon” was better received by critics, scoring 42 to “Impact"'s score of 40 on the website Metacritic.

Last year saw another instance of dueling ideas when two movies based on the Brothers Grimm princess tale "Snow White" were released, though the takes on the legend were markedly different from one another. “Mirror Mirror,” a comedic take on the heroine and her rivalry with her stepmother, came out March 30, while “Snow White and the Huntsman,” a fantasy battle epic that saw Snow don armor and lead an army against the wicked queen, hit theaters June 1. “Huntsman” won the box office battle with a domestic total of $155 million to “Mirror Mirror's" $64 million, and the critics liked it better, too – “Huntsman” garnered a score of 57 on Metacritic, while “Mirror Mirror” averaged a 46.


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