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'Two and a Half Men' lady: The CBS comedy may be adding a female cast member

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Jeffrey R. Stabb/CBS Entertainment/AP

(Read caption) A 'Two and a Half' lady cast member will be added to the show, and the character will be the daughter of the character formerly played by actor Charlie Sheen.

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It’s been two seasons since Charlie Sheen’s Charlie Harper character left Two and a Half Men, and while the show has effectively moved on – plugging Ashton Kutcher into the lead role while continuing to perform in the ratings – Chuck Lorre and company now find themselves in a somewhat familiar situation with Angus T. Jones leaving the show, or at least, lessening his presence.

So, what’s a 10 year old sitcom to do when it loses another one of its three original stars? Well, first they thank their stars that Jon Cryer is as durable as a cockroach in a nuclear war and immune to the allure of a viral video breakdown, and then they go on the lookout for a new cast member – a female cast member who will play Charlie Harper’s grown up secret-sin-baby.

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So, which actress will get this plum gig? Unfortunately, we have no idea right now, but with regard to her origins, Deadline reports that:


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