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Muddah, faddah! Not everyone loved summer sleepaway camp

For some, summer camp played out much like Allan Sherman's 1963 hit, "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh." It was awful. With nearly 9 million kids set to take off for their own summer sleepaway camp, what do those who loathed every minute have to say? 

Allan Sherman - "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh"
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When the school year ends a few weeks from now, millions of kids will head off to sleepaway camp for a summer filled with color wars, kayaking and bunk life. Most will have a great time, some will make friends for life, and many will look back on the experience fondly.

But amid these happy campers is another group of veterans who recall sleepaway camp quite differently. These were the kids who cried every day and sent letters home begging to be picked up. They were lonesome, miserable, bullied; hated the bugs, hated the pool. Many refused to ever go back, and decades later, they can recall their suffering in visceral detail — from poison ivy to wretched food.


"Oh did I hate overnight camp," recalled Lauren Russ, 43, who lives in Chicago. "I cried every day and wrote two letters home a day asking my parents to come get me."


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