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Polar vortex got you down? Cheer up with a cup of gourmet hot chocolate.

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Neila Columbo

(Read caption) Use Jersey milk for the sweetest cup of gourmet hot chocolate.

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The sweeping Arctic temperatures delivered by the polar vortex in recent days have humbled me into survivalist mode. While I am perfectly accustomed to unfriendly winter seasons, I am finding this cold spell particularly uncivilized. As a coping mechanism, I have begun wearing an attire more fitting of an ice age: double socks, two scarves, a puffy wool hat, ear covers, tights, and leg warmers.

Yet, this has not sufficed. I am still, like millions of others, still cold. There is one indulgence that is helping to keep my spirits up: gourmet hot chocolate.

While working during part of the days this week at a neighborhood cafe with WiFi, I have been treating myself to not one hot chocolate each day, but three, to be precise. This little "indulgence" has already depleted my weekly budget for cafe drinks that seemingly can only be made with the artistic skill of a barista. With this said, I have become especially attached to this particular kind of hot chocolate, and I knew I could not endure the remainder of this week without another. Who knows how long this polar-like winter may go on, it could be months!


Graciously, Brendan Higgins, the cafe barista at Area Four Bakery and Cafe in Cambridge, Mass., fully understood this dilemma, and generously shared his technique and recipe for creating an indulgent hot chocolate this winter, or any time of year.

How to make a gourmet cup of hot chocolate


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