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Morgan Freeman explores far-out science in 'Wormhole'

Morgan Freeman will host 'Through The Wormhole', starting Wednesday, where he will explore life after death, aliens, immortality, and other big questions about life and our universe.

Morgan Freeman returns as host for a second season of "Through The Wormhole," premiering Wednesday, on cable's Science Channel.

Michael Hrizik/Science Channel/AP

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Morgan Freeman calls his mind-expanding series "Through the Wormhole," but he doesn't recommend you take the title literally.

"Here's the thing about going into a wormhole: Where are you going to come out?" He chuckles. "And if you go in, you can't be worrying about getting back. So I don't know about that."

What Freeman does know is, he likes taking mind trips. He likes asking big questions and seeing where his mental odyssey will take him.

He's at it again for a second season of "Through the Wormhole," which premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. EDT on cable's Science channel. And these questions loom bigger than any single answer.

Episodes will deal with such puzzlers as: Are there more than three dimensions? What do aliens look like? Is there an edge to the universe? Can we live forever?

This week, Freeman starts things off with a bang by inquiring: Is there life after death?

"Is the soul a myth, or one of the fundamental elements of the universe?" he poses on the episode. "Where does consciousness come from? And where does it go when we die?"

"Ultimately, every one of us will discover the truth," Freeman tells his audience consolingly. "But will we ever enter our final hour knowing our fate?"

Freeman seems the perfect guy to lead this kind of quest. An Oscar-winning actor who, by the way, has played God in not one but two films ("Bruce Almighty" and "Evan Almighty"), he has a reassuring, even soulful manner that makes the cosmological feel not quite so overwhelming.


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