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Review: 'The Lucky Ones'

In a plot full of glib contrivances, this home-front story of the Iraq war follows the lives of three returning vets.

Michael Pena and Rachel McAdams are shown in a scene from, The Lucky Ones

James Bridges/AP

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The Iraq war has thus far produced no truly memorable dramatic movies, as opposed to documentaries, and the losing streak continues with "The Lucky Ones." Basically a home-front story, it clearly aims to do for Iraq what William Wyler's great "The Best Years of Our Lives" did for World War II. It even lifts a number of narrative threads from that film. (Let's be charitable and call it an homage.)

Finding themselves together as they head back to the States from the battle front are Fred Cheever (Tim Robbins), who has finished his final tour of duty and eagerly looks forward to reuniting with his wife and son; T.K. Poole (Michael Peña), wounded in the groin and worried about what this will mean for his girlfriend; and Colee Dunn (Rachel McAdams), who is lugging a fallen comrade's guitar in hopes of returning it to his parents. Like T.K., she is on leave.


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