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Prometheus: movie review (+video)

Most of the best effects in 'Prometheus' are lifted from director Ridley Scott's 'Alien,' and the film's meditations on life and the universe don't amount to much.

Chris Vognar and Robert Wilonsky discuss director Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus.'
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Ridley Scott has made two iconic sci-fi films, “Alien” (1979) and “Blade Runner” (1982). Trying for a hat trick with “Prometheus,” he comes up short.

I’ll say this much for it – it’s not boring. How could it be when it features sequences like the one in which the heroine gives herself a self- administered Caesarean and out pops an alien?

That heroine, circa 2093, is scientist Elizabeth Shaw, played by Noomi Rapace in a frisky manner about as far removed as can be from her somnolent girl with a dragon tattoo.

Elizabeth and her scientist boyfriend, Charlie (Logan Marshall-Green), have hit on the theory that aliens created earthlings. Heading up the spaceship Prometheus, she hopes to make contact with the creators on the desolate planet she believes beckons us. Of course, once the spaceship has landed, the alien malevolence kicks in and you can forget about all that we-come-in-peace stuff.


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