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'Savages': Oliver Stone's mayhem feels like Quentin Tarantino movie (+video)

'Savages' review: Oliver Stone's violent movie keeps the eye engaged, if not the mind.

Watch this clip from the film 'Savages.'
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Oliver Stone is back in form with “Savages,” which will be good news only to those who liked Stone’s form to begin with. Based on the acclaimed 2010 novel by Don Winslow, it’s about a pair of extremely successful southern California pot growers, the blonde bimbo they share, and the vicious Mexican cartel that wants into the business. I suppose you could call it Stone’s version of “Jules and Jim,” plus beheadings, torchings, bombings and strafings.

Chon (Taylor Kitsch) is an ex-Navy SEAL and his partner in crime is Ben (Aaron Johnson), who is as hang-loose as Chon is hot-wired. Together they’ve built up a vast business derived from Afghanistan cannabis seeds that are exponentially more potent than the competition’s. Ophelia (Blake Lively), or O, as she likes to be called, is their mutual love object. She likes being in the middle of the men. “For me,” she says “they are one big man.” O, fittingly, is kidnapped by the cartel while shopping in the mall.


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