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'The Pleasures of Being Out of Step': The documentary details the varied career of writer Nat Hentoff

'Pleasures,' which is a laudatory documentary about longtime former Village Voice columnist Nat Hentoff, is directed by David L. Lewis.

Nat Hentoff works at his office in Greenwich Village.

David L. Lewis/First Run Features

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Nat Hentoff, the longtime former Village Voice columnist and First¬†Amendment advocate, is the subject of David L. Lewis‚Äôs laudatory¬†documentary, ‚ÄúThe Pleasures of Being Out of Step,‚ÄĚ and the title says¬†it all. Still going strong in his ‚Äė80s, Hentoff has had one of the more¬†variegated careers in American letters. One of the great chroniclers of¬†the jazz scene, he has also championed free speech with a libertarian¬†fervor and rallied against abortion (alienating him from most of his liberal¬†cohorts in the process).¬†

The documentary includes peerless clips of Billie Holiday¬†and Lester Young from a TV show Hentoff coproduced as well as¬†snatches of an interview with a young Bob Dylan, a clip of Hentoff on¬†William Buckley‚Äôs ‚ÄúFiring Line‚ÄĚ TV show, and lots more worth your¬†time. Grade:¬†B+ (Unrated.)

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