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American Idol: The Top Five girls are easy to pick (+video)

American Idol recap: On Tuesday night, the 10 women competing to make the American Idol finals were unevenly matched. Some excelled, others left viewers wondering how they made it to Vegas. Did your Idol favorite shine?

Angie Miller Performs "Never Gone"
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When the show starts with American idol host Ryan Seacrest standing in a hallway, bathed in techno pastels you just know it's going to be a good night.

On Tuesday, the Top 10 girls performed and for the first time this season, America was able to vote for their favorites. Another first, not just for the season but for the series, is the new American Idol app that allows people to log their votes during the course of the show and submit them at the end. Each viewer is given 50 votes to split amongst the contestants as they see fit. It's nice to see American Idol trying to really embrace social media and technology more but there's something about it that seems vaguely wrong, like when your grandparents open a Facebook account.

Did you struggle with who should get your 50 votes? Well, the good news is that the talent (or lack thereof) was so unevenly distributed amongst the American Idol girls that it should have been relatively simple to decide who deserved to go home; what might have been a bit harder was choosing five girls who deserve to stay. Watching the performances on Tuesday, it was hard to believe that anyone in their right mind would ever group these individuals in a Top 10, suggesting that they were even in the same hemisphere when it came to talent.

The most obvious example of this was Zoanette Johnson. Listening to Zoanette attempt to cover Tina Turner's, "What's Love Got to do with It," was all in all a painful experience. Painful to listen to, painful to watch. and perhaps most painful was to think about the fact that Zoanette actually took up a slot in the coveted Top 10, displacing one of the tens of thousands whose talent was more deserving of that opportunity. 


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