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Mitt Romney to lay out foreign policy, national security agenda (+video)

Following a series of rhetorical stumbles, Mitt Romney is scheduled to lay out his more muscular foreign policy and national security agenda at the Virginia Military Institute Monday. But is it really all that different from President Obama's?

Gov. Mitt Romney is sharpening his attacks on President Obama and is about to call for changes in America's foreign policy. CBS News' Jan Crawford reports.
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When Mitt Romney gives what’s being billed as a major foreign policy speech at the Virginia Military Institute Monday, it’ll be a chance for the Republican challenger to demonstrate his bona fides as would-be leader of the free world and US commander-in-chief. And, it might be added, to get beyond a series of stumbles critics say have demonstrated his lack of experience and insensitivity to the subtleties of diplomacy and national security.

The VMI speech in Lexington, Va., promises to lay out the “stark contrast” between Mr. Romney's “vision for a strong foreign policy and the failed record of President Obama,” according to the Romney campaign. “Where President Obama has shown weakness, a Romney Administration will demonstrate strength and resolve. Where President Obama has shown equivocation, a Romney Administration will demonstrate clarity and never hesitate to speak out for American values.”

Aside from those generalities, Romney so far has offered few specifics – some of which in retrospect he may wish he hadn’t uttered.

“If Mitt Romney becomes president, he might need a crash course in Diplomacy 101,” writes Bradley Klapper in an Associated Press analysis Sunday.


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