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'Sequester' scare tactics? White House details 'devastating' 50-state impact. (+video)

A White House report stresses the huge impact the sequester spending cuts would have on states. For some states, that might be true. But for others, the cuts might just be a blip.

Correspondent Liz Marlantes with insights into the politics behind the impending spending cuts.
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A White House report released Sunday is designed to send a clear message: If automatic spending cuts take effect, your state will be affected.

The report on the "sequester" includes 50 state documents – plus one more for the District of Columbia – to show “the devastating impact the sequester will have on jobs and middle class families across the country if Congressional Republicans fail to compromise to avert the sequester by March 1st.”

But, rather than making the case that the cuts will be devastating, the 51 reports suggest the sequester’s impact would vary widely by state, depending largely on the degree of activity related to the US military. And in many states, defense plays a small role in the economy.


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