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Why is Michele Bachmann endorsing Mitt Romney now? (+video)

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(Read caption) President Obama’s advantage on national security marks the first time in decades a Democratic candidate has had such an edge. DC Decoder’s Liz Marlantes explains.
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Former GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is finally on board the Mitt Romney train. She endorsed the presumptive Republican nominee at a Thursday rally in Portsmouth, Va.

The former Massachusetts governor is a man "who will preserve the American dream of prosperity and liberty," said Congresswoman Bachmann (R) of Minnesota on stage.

Why now? She’s resisted the Romney camp’s entreaties for months, after all, saying that she was working behind the scenes to bring all factions of her party together. Fellow social conservative Rick Santorum hasn’t yet endorsed Mr. Romney. Neither has Newt Gingrich. It isn’t like Bachmann’s been standing out in the cold.


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