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Why is Mitt Romney saying nice things about Bill Clinton? (+video)

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(Read caption) Republican presidential nominee Gov. Mitt Romney spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative and joked about getting a bump in his poll numbers after an introduction from former President Bill Clinton.
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GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney said nice things today about Bill Clinton, despite the latter’s rip-roaring anti-Republican speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Speaking before the Clinton Global Initiative, Mr. Romney made a rueful reference to that address, saying, “If there’s one thing we’ve learned this election season, it’s that a few words from Bill Clinton can do any man a lot of good.”

Then he went on to praise Mr. Clinton’s post-White House career. “President Clinton has devoted himself to lifting the downtrodden around the world,” said Romney. “One of the best things that can happen to any cause, to any people, is to have Bill Clinton as its advocate. That is how needy and neglected causes have become global initiatives.”

Wow. Why the amity, considering recent political history?


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