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Joe Biden goes shopping at Costco. Why there? (+video)

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(Read caption) Biden calls for middle class tax cut at Costco
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Why did Vice President Joe Biden go shopping at Costco Thursday morning? He’s got a day job, after all. We’d have thought he might have spent the a.m. holed up in his White House office plotting strategy for “fiscal cliff’ talks. Or maybe preparing a greeting for Mitt Romney, who’s lunching Thursday with President Obama.

But no, Mr. Biden was out setting an example for holiday shoppers by priming the pump at the grand opening of the first Costco in Washington, D.C. Among other things, he bought cookies, children’s books, an apple pie, fire logs, and a 32-inch Panasonic TV. He tried some food samples. He declined to purchase a new set of tires.

“Hey man, I don’t need tires,” he said, according to the pool report. “I don’t drive anymore.”

No, we’re not making that tire thing up. Sometimes reality needs no improvement.


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