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Why is Rick Perry backing Newt Gingrich now?

Rick Perry bowed out today, likely giving Newt Gringrich a well-timed lift in the South Carolina primary.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (with his wife Anita) announces he is dropping his run for the Republican presidential nomination in Charleston, South Carolina January 19, 2012.

REUTERS/Chris Keane

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Rick Perry’s surprise decision to drop out of the race and endorse Newt Gingrich may seem like odd timing, just a few days before the South Carolina primary. But it actually comes at a critical juncture - and in many ways, could play out for maximum impact, in Gingrich’s favor.


  • The announcement has already stepped all over the breaking news that Rick Santorum actually won Iowa, not Mitt Romney. If Santorum was ever going to get a significant boost from the Iowa news, that already seems less likely.
  • There will be one less candidate on the debate stage tonight - which means more time and attention will go to the remaining candidates. And Gingrich has proven himself adept at using the debate spotlight to his advantage.
  • While there may not be too many Perry supporters left, he’s been polling between 4 and 6 percent in South Carolina. If all those votes go to Gingrich, it could actually be enough to help him close the gap with Romney. (The most recent polls show Romney leading Gingrich by roughly 10 points - but Gingrich has been rising and Romney has been falling. If that trend continues, the extra bump of Perry supporters could put Gingrich over the top.)

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