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Swing states: how candidates fared in battle for newspaper endorsements

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"With congressional Republicans forcing a stalemate on immigration, Obama took the initiative to let young undocumented immigrants of promise stay in this country legally if they are in school, high school graduates, or serve in the military," the paper says.

It sides with Obama in support of same-sex marriage. "The next president could appoint perhaps two Supreme Court justices," it adds, "and those appointments could determine whether a woman's right to control her own body is overturned. Romney, who supported abortion rights as Massachusetts governor and now opposes them with limited exceptions, cannot be trusted to stand up to social conservatives who view overturning Roe vs. Wade as a litmus test for prospective justices."

Nevada: Las Vegas Review-Journal – for Romney

While praising Romney as presenting solutions for America and for his scandal-free personal background, the Review-Journal devoted much of its argument to a critique of Obama. The paper argued that the president is unconvincing in his economic recipe of "higher taxes on investors, job creators, and small businesses" and borrowing money for government jobs programs.

After being implicitly rebuked by voters in the 2010 congressional elections, "instead of moving to the center, as President Bill Clinton did after the 1994 Republican Revolution, Mr. Obama has dug in his heels," the paper argues. "He shares the blame for Washington's gridlock."

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