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Christopher Dorner manhunt over, but troubling issues remain

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“The LAPD is by no means a perfect police department. But it's a much, much better one than it was,” writes political journalist and Los Angeles resident Marc Ambinder on the news and opinion website “This Week.”

“Many, many, many bad police officers were forced out. Less than half of the LAPD is now white; the ranks of minority supervisors are growing,” Mr. Ambinder writes. “It is hard to find a major community group in L.A. that does not concede that the basic, street-level interaction between police officers and citizens of all ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations has gotten much warmer, friendlier, and effective, even as they understandably point out exceptions.”

Still, suspicions about the circumstances of Dorner’s death – and the charges he outlined in his Facebook manifesto before he began his rampage – remain strong, especially among many in minority communities.

“Conspiracy theories surrounding the fugitive ex-policeman have only increased as people search for answers since he died on Tuesday,” the Los Angeles Daily News reports. “So-called ‘Dorner Truthers’ established an online presence since Dorner's fiery death inside a Big Bear cabin where he engaged in a shoot-out with police. They questioned everything from the wallet officials said they found with Dorner's I.D., to whether Sheriff's deputies burned down the cabin on purpose, to the possibility that Dorner might still be alive.”

Law enforcement officials deny such charges.

Based on a coroner’s report, they said Friday that Dorner had shot and killed himself during the firefight, and they strongly deny that the cabin in which the fugitive had holed up was intentionally burned down.

"We stand confident in our actions on that fateful day," San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon said at a press conference Friday.

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