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Cuba agrees to return fugitive dad, wife, and two kids to US (+video)

Cuba is not granting asylum to a Florida couple charged with kidnapping their two kids, after a Louisiana judge ended parental rights. The 2000 Elian Gonzalez case may have played a role.

Cuba returns two American boys
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The Cuban government announced on Tuesday that it would return two young American boys and their parents to the US, where the father is wanted on charges of kidnapping the children last week before sailing with them and his wife on a small boat from Florida to Cuba.

After two days of talks between US and Cuban officials, the government in Havana announced that the parents, Joshua and Sharyn Hakken, and their two sons would be sent back to Florida where an extensive manhunt had been mounted.

The return agreement is unusual but not unprecedented.

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Despite an ongoing 50-year US economic embargo and no significant bilateral treaties, the two countries have cooperated in recent years in the return of a few international fugitives.

A range of legal and international affairs experts suggested earlier on Tuesday that any request by the parents for asylum in Cuba would likely be rejected.

The alleged abduction of the boys, Chase, age 2, and Cole, age 4, came shortly after a judge in Louisiana terminated the couple’s parental rights, according to police.


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